Handle.Tools Litepaper

Our core values and a summary of upcoming features

This is a brief version of our litepaper, within the next 2 weeks we will add more detail to each section and update our roadmap with new time scales.

What is Handle.Tools?

Handle.tools is a platform for exploring sales listings and checking the availability of an ADA Handles. We are an aggregator specifically for ADA Handles and pull data from all the major marketplaces on Cardano. When ADA Handles first started to mint there was never a way to filter and search for handles on marketplaces by rarity so we provided a solution. Since then we have expanded our features with advanced search, sales activity, custom links, curated categories, punycode support, recently minted and more.

We are a community run project and not part of the ADA Handles team, although we do work very closely with them. They have big plans for the future including subhandles and personlization, we will act as an example of decentralization continuing to integrate their new features and providing valuable tools to the ADA Handle community.

We want to grow even more and are launching our PRO pass which will give access to many features mentioned in this paper and act as a way to support our development.

How do I get a PRO pass?

All the information regarding our PRO pass mint be found here: handle.tools/pro

Who created Handle.Tools?

Handle.tools was founded by ItsKingCrypto. A full stack developer from England with over 20 years experience. During his time he has launched and worked along side many successful online businesses. A lover of blockchain technology, passionate about Cardano and it's core values.


We have many exciting features planned for handle.tools many of which are outlined in this paper. We plan to develop most of these features over the coming year. Our PRO pass NFT mint will determine what features we can develop and the timescales we set.

1 week into our mint we will review our roadmap and release a v2 with updated information.

Our current roadmap is available online here.

Handle.Tools is part of the ADA Handle Ecosystem. If you are not familiar with ADA Handle please check out their website here.

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